Guerrilla Development is a real estate company focused on creating inventive and experimental projects that use both hemispheres of the brain.  

We make buildings that prove that good design and good financial returns are not mutually exclusive.  We serve all of our partners with equal care, from investors and bankers to tenants and neighbors to contractors and staff.  Our ideas are coded in walls and windows and concrete and timber.  We measure success by the social capital our developments produce as well as by the asset value they generate.

We also think anyone can do what we do.  That's why we strive to be radically transparent.  Our open-source ethos means we're happy to let you see how the tofu sausage is made.  Hop on our projects page.  Download a pro forma.  Noodle around.  Questions?  Holler at us.

Guerrilla Development is a 21st Century company that operates within a mid-century model.  Our projects are forward-thinking while our company culture is one where 5 o’clock means it’s time to go home.  All employees from top to bottom enjoy similar benefits and compensation.





After completing architecture school at U.C. Berkeley and a 2-year stint building schools and homes for the Peace Corps in Gabon, Africa, Kevin moved to Portland, Oregon in 1993. 

Kevin designs and develops small commercial and residential buildings.  He uses inexpensive materials and always attains high energy efficiency in his work.  His Burnside Rocket building has earned a LEED Platinum rating.

From hip restaurants to creative offices to wonderful residential renters, Kevin has been fortunate to turn his good buildings into great buildings by virtue of the tenants.  And because he builds with the intention of keeping each project, he also learns directly how his designs age as he maintains them year by year.

Kevin was a Loeb Fellow in 2007-2008 at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.  His current projects include micro restaurants in The Ocean, experimental lenticular art along 100% of the façade of The Zipper, social capital-turned-architecture in an adaptive re-use livery stable 4-plex (Dr. Jim’s Still Really Nice), and corridor-free creative office spaces in the Fair-Haired Dumbbell. Kevin's current obsession (and possible upcoming project) is to create a better version of subsidy-less affordable housing.




After many years working as a development and financial consultant to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and Portland, Janet joined Guerrilla to further the successful development of the company and its’ ‘triple bottom line’ mission. She holds a bachelors degree from Cornell and a masters from Stanford, and followed her studies as an Investment Advisor specializing in Socially Responsible Investing.

Although always rooted in left-brain professional work, Janet also attended art school at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts (wood department) and completed a certification in Coaching. She uses this unusual mix of experience and education to facilitate the design of companies and careers.

Since living overseas as a child, Janet has had a lifelong interest in exploring other countries and cultures and currently combines traveling with active ventures whenever possible.




Anna has pursued a holistic understanding of making buildings throughout her professional career and has worked in multiple roles within the built environment: intern architect, woodworker/carpenter, project manager, and now as a real estate developer.  This multi-faceted exposure to her field equips her with a unique perspective that aligns closely with Guerrilla’s goals of creating places that not only provide reliable returns to investors, but that explore the potential of creating social capital through real estate development.  She holds a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Certificate of Fine Woodworking from Yestermorrow Design/Build School.

Her duties at Guerrilla include project management, coordinating crowdfunding, investor relations, and scouting Guerrilla's next projects.


Finance Manager


Jen brings over seven years of experience to Guerrilla in all aspects of business and bookkeeping functions.  She graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, and most recently obtained a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting at PSU.

Jen moved to Portland in 2009 allured by the city’s unique personality, professional opportunities, and close proximity to a wide range of outdoor recreation.  She is thrilled to be a part of a team that is so inventively and conscientiously adding to Portland’s landscape and community.

Her favorite adventures include river trips on the Deschutes (mainly to see who can rack up the most rattlesnake sightings -- she's an accountant and loves the numbers), camping in the desert, and learning to ski the backcountry.

Westin glass

project manager


Westin joined the Guerrilla team in 2016 as Guerrilla's Interim Asset Manager. Once construction is complete on a project, he takes over all aspects of property management, building upkeep, and tenant relations.  He also acts as project manager on Guerrilla Development projects.   

Westin is a bonafide triple threat: licensed architect, licensed general contractor, and rock n' roll superhero.  In his spare time and when he's not drumming, singing, or playing guitar in one of the three notable Portland rock bands he belongs to, Westin can be found surfing the Oregon coast without a wetsuit, wrenching on a cherry-red muscle car, or training his twin cats to perform circus tricks (think flaming hoops and tight ropes...).